She shreds…

June 29, 2009

4267196_23181_FRAMEMy recent obsession, Raquel Allegra’s, SS09 collection of distressed and shredded pieces. The Cocoon series is pure design harmony. These pieces look and make you feel all kinds of sexy. I recently had the pleasure of wearing one to a green event. I thought it was appropriate, since it is made of all organic, recycled materials. It melted against my skin. I was stopped, not by people who wanted to talk to me, but by people who wanted my dress. Her stuff is so so yummy. The best part, she transforms LA County jail t’s into these masterpieces, badass, right? Artistry is her destiny…


From Rodeo Drive! RIP_MJ

photo credit: Meg Graham

We’re vibin’ it!

June 25, 2009

_MG_9503The Power Plate pop-up studio is finally here and it’s slamming!! Last night we helped Power Plate launch the pop up studio, Power Plate – The Experience, with an opening soiree in the new studio… Modernly designed, the space consists mostly of white wood interior, punctuated with bright orange and silver accents. Furnishings include authentic orange couches, a chic bar in white vinyl and eight shiny Power Plates.

During the festivities, guests were able to nosh on Sushi Roku, drink the amazing Rubby (blood orange energy drink) champaign concoction and experience the magic of the Power Plate. Did we mention, the first few weeks of classes are FREE (ends July 13th). Crazy right?! So hurry on down to Brentwood for some good vibes… For class schedules and more info go to:


p.s. We’re absolutely lovin’ Rubyy, blood orange energy drink. Everything from the name, the taste, the design and the packaging – to the crack like feeling only an energy drink can do… Move over Red Bull..

BOo yA!

June 18, 2009

Tonight we went to the opening of the new BOA Steakhouse on Sunset in West Hollywood. The space was magnificent… Everything a steak house should be – big cozy booths, a beautiful bar and a huge outdoor patio with decadent heat lamps for the Angelino in all of us.

Aside from all the usual shenanigans – photo booths, blue cotton candy and lots of collagen, the real magic was happening back in the kitchen. Every few minutes a man in white would come scurrying out with a tray full pure goodness. Everything from kobe beef, ahi tuna to lobster and foie gras. My personal fav was the mini brisket burgers. But above all, it was wildly entertaining to watch the men in white get swarmed as people rushed them like they were diving into a mosh pit- a kobe beef mosh pit. Either the carnivore was rampant or this recession is more serious then we thought. Like Lions hunting their prey, people were ruthless, diving over walkways and jumping over tables to get to the man in white. You would’a thought it was Mick Jagger… One lady practically knocked me down for the last mini kobe burger. Don’t worry- I snatched it before she could. Boo ya bi%ch!! Check it out BOA Steakhouse 9200 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, 90069

Good Vibrations…

June 7, 2009

kenzo-power-plateIt’s been awhile… but for good reasons we swear… Social Gypsy was hired to open a Pop Up store in Brentwood, CA for a brand in the fitness space called, Power Plate. We’re calling it, The Power Plate Experience! It’s huge over and Europe– they call it Madonna’s favorite vibrator. Both Madge and Gweneth swear by it!!! And Japanese designer, Kenzo Takado even did a LTD Flower Plate.

They (the makers of Power Plate) have designed unique acceleration training™ classes 25-30 min– stimulating the bodies natural response to vibration. It’s based on Newton’s second law that the force of an object is equal to its mass multiplied by acceleration. These vibrations stimulate all kinds of wonderful things in our bodies and increase bone density. For the ladies, it helps reduce cellulite and is good for your skin, releasing the growth hormone. The benefits are endless…

Social Gypsy has spent the last couple months working her lil tail off to get the new studio up and running. This has all been during, Mercury Retrograde might we add – so we have had our share of challenges this month. But life wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy. And with challenge comes growth and empowerment. It’s opening in the Brentwood Town Center/Country Mart in the hub of Brentwood. There will be all kinds of fun activities- opening parties, healthy shakes, free classes and weekly “Good Vibration” events.

More details to come in the coming weeks, but I wanted to give you all a first glance at the space and how your gonna get your body smokin hot for summer time…

First mobile phone pic glance!

First mobile phone pic glance!