Good Vibrations…

June 7, 2009

kenzo-power-plateIt’s been awhile… but for good reasons we swear… Social Gypsy was hired to open a Pop Up store in Brentwood, CA for a brand in the fitness space called, Power Plate. We’re calling it, The Power Plate Experience! It’s huge over and Europe– they call it Madonna’s favorite vibrator. Both Madge and Gweneth swear by it!!! And Japanese designer, Kenzo Takado even did a LTD Flower Plate.

They (the makers of Power Plate) have designed unique acceleration training™ classes 25-30 min– stimulating the bodies natural response to vibration. It’s based on Newton’s second law that the force of an object is equal to its mass multiplied by acceleration. These vibrations stimulate all kinds of wonderful things in our bodies and increase bone density. For the ladies, it helps reduce cellulite and is good for your skin, releasing the growth hormone. The benefits are endless…

Social Gypsy has spent the last couple months working her lil tail off to get the new studio up and running. This has all been during, Mercury Retrograde might we add – so we have had our share of challenges this month. But life wouldn’t be any fun if it was easy. And with challenge comes growth and empowerment. It’s opening in the Brentwood Town Center/Country Mart in the hub of Brentwood. There will be all kinds of fun activities- opening parties, healthy shakes, free classes and weekly “Good Vibration” events.

More details to come in the coming weeks, but I wanted to give you all a first glance at the space and how your gonna get your body smokin hot for summer time…

First mobile phone pic glance!

First mobile phone pic glance!


3 Responses to “Good Vibrations…”

  1. HPC said

    Sweet! I’m glad you’re creating cool things in our ‘hood.

  2. amy said

    Do you have any current information on the plate classes? I can’t find anything on line and they are not listed yet on the country mart website.

    Thank you, so excited to give it a try

  3. Lloyd Shaw said

    New dedicated site to visit for unbiased info on Vibration Training.

    Tons of articles with self explanatory titles. Easy to read, understand and not long winded.

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