We’re vibin’ it!

June 25, 2009

_MG_9503The Power Plate pop-up studio is finally here and it’s slamming!! Last night we helped Power Plate launch the pop up studio, Power Plate – The Experience, with an opening soiree in the new studio… Modernly designed, the space consists mostly of white wood interior, punctuated with bright orange and silver accents. Furnishings include authentic orange couches, a chic bar in white vinyl and eight shiny Power Plates.

During the festivities, guests were able to nosh on Sushi Roku, drink the amazing Rubby (blood orange energy drink) champaign concoction and experience the magic of the Power Plate. Did we mention, the first few weeks of classes are FREE (ends July 13th). Crazy right?! So hurry on down to Brentwood for some good vibes… For class schedules and more info go to: http://www.powerplate.com/bemoved


p.s. We’re absolutely lovin’ Rubyy, blood orange energy drink. Everything from the name, the taste, the design and the packaging – to the crack like feeling only an energy drink can do… Move over Red Bull..


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