pic03This Social Gypsy is off to Thailand for the next couple weeks. We will try to write along the journey but won’t have a ton of access to anything that plugs in, as laying on the beach vagabond (our true gypsy nature) style does not allow for this. We just heard about an island in Thailand that is currently over populated with butterflies – all different colors, sizes and shapes. God shot! We will be back with tons of inspiration and rejuvenation. The Nomadic Gypsy needs and loves to travel. It’s food for our soul. And remember: “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift, Thats why it’s called the Present.”



Last night we went to the newly renovated outdoor dining patio at the legendary, Sunset Marquis. One word: OBSESSED! We felt like we were in the enchanted garden with luscious greens, oversized succulents and secret walkways. The restaurant itself is elegant yet youthful, with oversized crystal ball chandeliers, twinkle lights and crystallized candelabras.

Straight out of, The Great Gatsby, the space represents sophistication with a twist of Hollywood glam. The food was magnificent, service top notch and overall the vibe was charming, elegant and ethereal all at the same time. Did we mention they have a spa and the upstairs pool renovation is finalized with a new bar. We’ve found our summer garden… Now we need to find our Jay Gatsby.

Rion Zion…

July 14, 2009

Rion2Social Gypsy’s Nomad of the week: The Rion Surf Project! Started by a college student from SB, Rion is a T-shirt line with killer original designs. The first installment being a Lion. The goal is to capture the essence of the surf culture. The best part: RION gives back. For every shirt that is sold, $1 will be donated to Last Mile Operations, an organization composed of surfers, doctors, and relief workers who travel around the world providing aid to those in disaster ridden areas. Recently they’ve helped victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, and the Pakistani earthquake.

Girl to the Core!

July 13, 2009

Girlcore launches a new online magazine! The mission: to promote emerging female artists in the visual arts. The ladies behind, Girlcore, are absolutely bananas – in the best way possible. The Factory meets Hedwig. They are mostly based in the UK but travel around the globe cultivating and participating in music, art, and lots of dress up. The magazine will be published monthly and they are looking for submissions from all around the world: submissions@girlcoremag.com (sorry boys, you have to be a lady to participate)… All’s fair in love and war!
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It’s always inspiring to see new unconventional forms of the digital evolution being expressed. The latest, a new web series from the people who brought you Mean Magazine, Cinemash. Even the name is cool, Cinemash, an exclusive digital series of classic movie mash ups. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?! It’s all part of Zune’s digital online summer initiative. The format: celebrities interpret their favorite scenes from the classics. Key word: interpret. Get ready for an acid trip like experience as you watch Will Arnett channel Carrie, some Cheech and Chong madness, Dirty Dancing (with our new fav girl on the scene, Charlyne Yi, the crazy stoner in Knocked Up) and much much more… 150x150dirtydancing

The shorts will be available exclusively for download on Microsoft’s Zune, and will stream on MSN, released weekly through out the summer, beginning today!