The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

August 10, 2009

This week’s Social Gypsy will be dedicated to our travels across the globe to the beaches, wat’s and city streets of Thailand. Today we will start with our 2 top favorite places to stay along with some other goodies…

thailand-detox-spa-resort-162The Sanctuary Thailand
A little hippy-dippy wellness colony on the island of Ko Phangan on Haad Tien beach. If at first you think your in a dream, scratch that mosquito bite – it’s real. We stayed in a Peter Pan tree house/villa high in the heavens overlooking the beach and jungle called, The Sunshine House. Many trustafarian’s and nomads alike are there to meditate, fast, detox and cleanse, while others are there to chill by day and party by night (every Friday a French DJ flys in for one of the biggest parties in Thailand, not full moon, that takes place in the jungle 100 yards away at Guy’s Bar). Just down the beach you’ll find, The Bamboo Hut situated along the ocean’s bluff, where the food is made with love, the tunes are jammin and the decor is eclectic with pillow seating on the floor (our new patio plan). Oh’ and if your lucky you can book a 2 hour session with a legendary healer named Mae (but it’s harder then getting a reservation at Tavern, so book in advance).

59Shanti Lodge, Bangkok
This Zen’d out tranquil lodge is out of the way, nestled in a sea of plants, Buddhist imagery, amazing jams and travelers from all over the globe. The rooms are quaint – the design and atheistic is something out of Shangri-La. Just down the way on Samsen Road is an incredible bar called, The Common Ground, where we saw an amazing Indie Thai band (they did a stellar Peter Bjorn and John cover) and even further is Adhere 13th Blues Bar decorated with classic vinyl album covers and even more classic characters.


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