Eyes Wide Shut

September 18, 2009

Every Gypsy knows the secret to making any man or woman hot for you is scent. We are animals, scent is everything. Pheromones are what attracts us. We had to give a sniff out to the most delicious scents out there. In true Gypsy form, we only wear oils as perfume is too overbearing for our soft sensitive skin…

PARVATI, from Lakshimi, goddess line is the most delicious, savory delicasy out there. Warning: don’t wear if you don’t want to be groped – it’s a show stopper. And even more delightful, PARVATI is the Goddess of Perseverance. Also known as the Princess of the Mountains, she is Shiva’s female counterpart, worshipped as a goddess of perseverance and devotion. Flowery, cool, light and sweet, Parvati is an ethereal vanilla and amber-based fragrance. Lakshmi NYC carries many other goodies that we can’t wait to get our paws on.

KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE is the most decadent lingerie inspired brand out there. Kiki celebrates sexuality, romance, intimacy and inspires the imagination. We started wearing the Dry Body Oil and Massage Oil a few years back and would give anything for a lifetime supply. To just talk about the oils would be an injustice. Go to the store for an Eyes Wide Shut experience.

Slice of Heaven

Slice of Heaven


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