¡Bienvenido Gustavo! + Soup Dumplings = Bliss

October 5, 2009

Hollywood Bowl + Gustavo + full moon + fireworks = enchanted dreamy October night in LA. It was his first night in LA, and it was truly surreal. Watching this man conduct is exhilarating. His passion, mesmerizing, his moves, glorious and his talent, unmatched. We have a special affection for his amazing curls, humility and facial expressions that convey a lust and undying passion for his craft. He even allowed them to unveil his name in fireworks, showing his true age, a ripe 28. The night concluded with the much-anticipated performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, led by Dudamel, and featuring a massive 200-person community choir. Run, don’t walk to see him at Disney Hall!

To top our night off, soup dumplings, at the new Philippe Chow (a clear rip off of Mr. Chow’s but not nearly as good). However, those soup dumplings are heavenly. We say go for those alone!


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