Suddenly Stepford

October 8, 2009

My amazingly talented cousin’s new brand, Suddenly Stepford! A collection of treasures designed for women who are passionate about 2 things: 1. their kids and 2. gett’n their vino on! Genius. There are all kinds of wonderful goodies; adorable hair accessories, booby bandits (breast feeding coverups), burp cloths and most importantly wine totes. I personally want one of the “Girl Theme” Pucci style burp cloths… would it be weird if I rocked one?!


2 Responses to “Suddenly Stepford”

  1. Thanks, Lindsay!!!
    You are awesome! I truly appreciate you blogging about my business. Who says you can’t be stylish & hip just because you are pregnant or have kids?! I offer a lot of the same items you can find in expensive boutiques and websites at VERY affordable prices. I also offer custom products. Lindsay – you can get a wine tote in the burp cloth pattern 🙂

  2. HPC said

    Yeah L, you should totally rock the burp cloth! You could use it to catch burps & as a hankie. 😉

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