California Dreaming

October 27, 2009

Every week we will feature a new gallery in LA. This week we bring you one of the most vital forum’s in which diverse audiences alike can share in it’s splendor, M+B Gallery. The space is ever-changing and constantly re-defining itself in relation to contemporary art. Using its unique collections, inspired artists and dynamic programming, the space is nesteled in a dreamy-like home on Altmont drive. M+B lives and breaths the heart and soul of California inspired visions (60’s,70’s and 80’s pop culture) among many others. We caught the Mona Kuhn’s Native exhibit this weekend. Oh how we love you, Mona Kuhn…. Other artists to check out: Alex Prager (think Valley of the Dolls meets David Lynch with a touch of Barbie), Jeff Divine (retro 70’s/80’s surf culture) and Bridgitte Waldach “Searching Red” (her main point of reference is Stanley Kubrick, say no more…). Oh’ California Dreaming…
"Four Girls" Alex Prager


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