Stone Soup

January 28, 2010

ECD was formed by 2 gypsy’s, Melissa McKnight and Jolie Barretta Keyser. The company uses toning, meditation, crystals and many other tools to harmonize spaces and people. Working with architects, designers, realtors, homeowners and business owners, ECD helps people from all walks of life create balanced living heart spaces rich with sacred geometry in their environments. ECD programs a regenerating positive frequency, which helps structural integrity thrive in the etheric space. The Living Heart Space gurus also work on individuals who need help in balancing their physical, spiritual and emotional bodies as well.

For more on ECD email: or (Coming soon with a link on Social Gypsy)
Etheric Consciousness Design “Creating Living Heart Spaces…”


Back atcha

January 23, 2010

Just a quick heads up that S.G. is coming back VERY soon! We are taking a short hiatus and changing the format a tiny bit. More to come real soon!