Vegan Fashion Forecast from Eco Stiletto Founder, Rachel Sarnoff

February 3, 2010

This week we were lucky enough to have Rachel Sarnoff, founder of Eco Stiletto (one of our fav eco sites) blog about her 2010 Eco Fashion Forecast. Check it out!

By Rachel Sarnoff

My 2010 prediction is the emergence of vegan fashion as a strong trend and market driver. I first became interested in the idea of vegan fashion when I learned about peace silk. It seems to me that for a lot of environmentalists, veganism is the next step. Why?
· 25% of our world’s landmasses are devoted to livestock production. Most of this is for food, but some of it is for materials like leather and fur that are used in clothing.
· An October 2009 Worldwatch Institute study shows that livestock and poultry production is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions.
· The Environmental Protection Agency reports that agricultural runoff caused by the three trillion pounds of animal waste produced each year is the number one source of pollution in our waterways.

Thinking of dressing vegan? Try an ANGeLRoX wrap. Made from slinky bamboo, the wrap defies the mind: it becomes a skirt, dress, cape, shrug or top with ease and looks seriously sexy in each and every incarnation. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos or watch the video. Crazy, no?


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