February 12, 2010

Last night we went to the opening of the new W Hollywood and had a blast… We actually embraced the girl with the red pleather stripper pants… or were they lycra? The very best part – the restaurant inside the W, Delphine. A beautiful clean, airy, open-spaced french brasserie inside the hotel. Delphine reminds us a bit of Pastis. The vibe is delightful, with an old Hollywood flair and glamor, and the food is off the hizzy. We highly recommend the steak frites, mac n’ cheese and the cafe’ lie’geois, expresso with ice cream and chocolate sauce mmm…We’re so healthy! They even make their own grenadine for the Shirley Temple drinker…


2 Responses to “Delphine”

  1. jeanne said

    awesome party and delphine is amazing. another smoking hot night in hollywood!

  2. HPC said

    Last night was fun. The new W Hollywood is great & Delphine is off the hoooook. I’ll be back!!

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