Surfers, art, “Rasta” and global change… What more could we ask for?!

February 25, 2010


Another amazing eco event and project to put on the radar this weekend, A Gathering for the Environment, at The Celebrity Vault. Featuring exhibitions from artist/sculptor Neil Shigley and surfer hottie activist, David Rastovich. He’s considered one of the greenest pro surfers in the biz and Social Gypsy is crushin hard on him… The event will benefit Surfers for Cetaceans and will celebrate, The Cove (which Dave is featured in). Sanuk footwear will celebrate the launch of their new “Rasta” footwear project, named appropriately after surfer Dave “Rasta.”

The “Rasta” project consists of 100 percent sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that maintain the brand’s goal of creatively inspired yet thoughtfully designed products for the global outdoor community. Roots, rock, reggae.


2 Responses to “Surfers, art, “Rasta” and global change… What more could we ask for?!”

  1. […] perfect evening soiree on a 80 degree California lovin day! Fingers crossed our surf crush Dave Rasta will be […]

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