Diary of an Animal Lover… by Areno

March 1, 2010

We’ve been hearing so much on the topic lately, we asked our lovely friend, stylist to the stars and animal activist, Areno to shed some light on the subject of ANIMAL RESCUE. She jumped at the opportunity to educate on the subject. And that she did….

8 million dogs are euthanized in America each year. Healthy,beautiful animals living in shelters across America, waiting to be taken home and loved. When their time runs out, they are euthanized and gone forever. The facts are heartbreaking and real.

A year ago, I was brought into the world of animal rescue by my dear friend, (swimwear designer and animal lover), Ashley Paige. Every Sunday, she transformed the sidewalk of her Hollywood boutique into a catwalk of the finest stray animals. Bright and sunny Ashley, campaigning till each last one was adopted into their forever home!

I am here to tell you that one person can make a difference in changing the outcome for these helpless angels. By getting involved with local rescue teams, (such as Ruff Houzen or Diamond in the Ruff rescue, Ace of Hearts and Barkingham Palace daycare’s rescues) you can help save many lives. Here are the main ways to assist our local unwanted angels in their fight for the forever home they so deserve.

FOSTER: by opening up your home to an animal who is in transition, you make the animal more easily receptive to humans and other animals. Studies show that animals in foster homes are more likely to get adopted faster, as they don’t show the signs of stress a day to day shelter life can bring up.

NETWORK: By Facebooking or mass emailing the daily animals available from your local shelter/rescue, you are acting as a “publicist” and getting the word out for these angels in need. You never know what friend or casual acquaintance of yours may be looking to adopt or interested in finding/fostering an animal.

911 rescue, Leon Lategra Bunny

VOLUNTEER: There are so many Sunday adoptions. These adoptions need wonderful people to show the animals, feed them and care for them, while they are experiencing the adoption process. You can also volunteer at your local shelter, which could mean taking the dogs for walks and helping them get exercise while they are living in a stressful shelter environment. There are so many ways to get involved and lend your time and love.

ADOPT: Last but not least, ADOPT!!! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to rescue a little one in need. You can ADOPT any size,age and breed. A lot of uneducated people who BUY animals think that strays are, “dirty and only mutts” – Bullocks! I am here to tell you that on petfinder.com you can type in your zip code and the breed you want, and about 20 options of hopefuls will pop up. No breed is untouched by this epidemic.

On a personal note, my boyfriend and I rescued a Chihahua mix by the name of Lucille Honeycutt about 3 months ago. She is beautiful and often gets stopped on the streets of Beverly Hills. They always ask, “where did u get her?” “What breeder?” I proudly smile and say…”I RESCUED HER…she is not a purebred…and she is DIVINE!!!!”

Lucille Honeycutt

P.S. A Free Spay and Neuter program is the KEY solution to reduce the number of unwanted animals needlessly killed and born into a society that does not care. By offering Free Spay and Neuter assistance to the general public this program can be achieved.


One Response to “Diary of an Animal Lover… by Areno”

  1. amanda reno said

    this is amazing lindsay, what a blessing this is for the animals. xoxoxoxox

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