Back to the Gypsy…

March 2, 2010

Every Gypsy loves mediation time… A timeout from the world nomad styles… Our new favorite pastime, tea time! We love brewing a yummy cup of delicious tea and zenning out. We found the ultimate Gypsy tea – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. All the flavors are delicious and the best part, Zhena’s packaging is all eco and she is a HUGE advocate for fair trade. If you don’t know what fair trade is read up. We had the pleasure of meeting Zhena and hearing about her Gypsy heritage. We’re currently obsessed with the Gypsy Chi selection. You can find Zhena’s Gypsy Tea at Whole Foods.


One Response to “Back to the Gypsy…”

  1. I really enjoyed your Social Gypsy post.
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    Your clicks could be the push to get this film made.
    Thank you for the consideration.

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