Global Nomads

March 15, 2010

We are really hooked on this whole “Global Nomad” concept. The idea that people no longer have 9-6 desk jobs. That we can work from home, from the road, from anywhere. That we care more about the quality of our lives then anything else. That we will save all our money for the ultimate travel adventure opposed to a new car. That we would rather be helping children in Africa then investing in the stock market. That we want to plant our own garden and use the herbs to cook an all organic meal. That the idea of owning and living on a farm in the country sounds just dreamy. We don’t have 401ks anymore and pretty soon we may not have insurance or at least be able to afford insurance. We want more out of this life. You will be hearing much more on the subject of Global Nomads. For now some inspiration from the people that invented the term — Tablet Hotels.


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