Faux (faux) Fur

March 18, 2010

The subject of FUR seems to be coming up a lot. I asked one of our contributors, stylist Christian Classen aka Dark Genius, to share his thoughts on the subject of fur and faux fur. Here goes…

50% of faux fur is actually created out of dogs bred and raised in China, specifically for fur and passed off as faux. There aren’t the funds to hire people to check every garment that passes over the border and because dogs are so cheap to breed and slaughter for fur, the import fees don’t send any red flags. They can pass it off for fake as opposed to real and the designer is duped. Some of the dogs used were Collie mixes. It is horrible that fabric manufacturers are too lazy and cheap to create truly synthetic fur knock offs. They save time and money breeding dogs for cheap. Publicists of multiple design houses are already working overtime doing damage control from their negligence of investigating their product before putting it on the market (Tommy Hilfiger, Sean John).

To not include fur in our eco system, would throw it out of whack. The first piece of clothing ever designed was in the Neanderthal times, it was a skirt created from leather. You need to understand that fur, leather, pelts, etc have been part of our clothing history since the beginning of time. The next was quite possibly a fur coat made from a pelt (probably a wolf or bear). But now that manufacturers have CHANGED this system (by breeding animals specifically for fur and creating faux fur that isn’t actually faux), you need to be selective with what kind of fur you buy. Many designers such as Burberry Prorsum and Dior use either recycled fur or animals that have died of natural causes (they are not raised specifically for fur and live a life of freedom in their natural habitat). If you chose to buy furs and leathers – choose vintage or research where they come from. If it is claimed to be faux, separate the fur and you shouldn’t see skin at the base but fabric instead.

As a lover of fashion, I find it hard to completely eliminate fur from the wardrobe. There are millions of vintage furs out there. If designers would just recycle the fur, they wouldn’t have to kill anything – ever. Recycle, reduce and reuse.

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One Response to “Faux (faux) Fur”

  1. Laurie said

    Well said.

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