Gyp-Madic Inspired

May 31, 2010

Complimentary of our favorite fashion sites – Studded Hearts a-la TFS! For all the Social Gypsy’s out there… Jalouse February 2010

It’s all about turquoise in the summer every summer!


Nail Art

May 31, 2010

We might get some heat for this one, but we are seriously feelin the air brushed nail! We saw this everywhere in Asia! A friend invited us to get it done and we totally dug it. It might not be a weekly thing but it’s fun for a change and it lasts – so no chipping after a few days. Also loving the black french manicure. It’s the little things…right?!

CT Nails 2

Summer Of Color

May 31, 2010

Summer of Color, the largest public art project in the U.S. is here and it is truly magnificient! 155 lifeguard towers up and down the coast have been painted – bringing public art to every lifeguard tower in Los Angeles County. The towers look amazing – bright murals of flowers, fish and pops of colors up and down the coast. Very Keith Herring inspired.

Portrait of Hope, which is based in Los Angeles, is the non-profit behind this genius. Summer of Color launched in May and be on display through October. If you haven’t seen it yet – get your ass to the beach for some color!

Rock art never gets old for our Gypsy soul. Especially when it’s posters of all our favorite bands. Some amazing designs from a cool Texan and an amazing designer – Brent Palmer Designs!

Last night we heard the 2 amazing pioneers behind the 5 Gyres speak – Marcus Erikson and Anna Cummins. They gave a presentation about the plastic in our oceans at an eco event put on by the brilliant, Juli Schulz! Both Marcus and Anna (who are now married- he proposed while on an expedition) are part of the The Algalita Marine Research Foundation. What are Gyres? Large systems of currents, coupled with wind and the earth’s rotation, create “GYRES”, massive, slow rotating whirlpools in which plastic trash can accumulate. Most people think there is only 1 Gyre off the Pacific. They are wrong – there are 5. These Gyres are destroying our oceans and our marine life. We were blown away by their passion, knowledge and mission to end plastic in the ocean.

Unfortunately Marcus and Anna don’t get the awareness they should. They built the plastic boat long before anyone! Anna and Marcus are raising money for 2 more expeditions this year! We have listed some KEY ways to get involved below. You can make a difference. Because if we don’t have our beautiful oceans what do we have?!

Ways to get involved:
1. Support Marcus and Anna. They have 2 more expeditions this year:
2. Inspire your company, community, school, and home to consider what they make and consume.
3. Know the lifecycle of what you buy- what happens to your products when you’re through with them? Shift some habits as you go along- commit to put your bags in the car, to not use plastic bottles, etc.
4. Support legislative efforts to manage waste in your local community- your voice must be heard!
5. BYOB: Bring your own bag, bottle, cup, To-Go Ware, and inspire others to do the same.
6. Be a leader in your industry and community for sustainable living. Knowing the impact of plastic pollution on the world, inaction is unacceptable.
7. Do a beach clean up. We are: For beach cleanups, sign up for the Surfrider West LA/Malibu Chapter site
8. Ban the BAG!!! Send a letter to congress. It WILL make a difference!

Cafe’ Habana Malibu

May 26, 2010

The waiting is over – Cafe’ Habana opens in Malibu today! The best cuban cuisine. And the space is completely eco-friendly! Did we mention they have a huge outdoor patio! We know where we will be this weekend and all summer long…. Finally a bomb Cuban sandwich in LA. And their corn… words won’t do it justice!

Count down begins – Sex In The City 2!!! Some pics from the premiere complimentary of TFS. I heart u Patrica Field! All my Gypsy girls and guy are gathering to see this together Friday. Cannot wait for the outfits, the love, the friendship and my beloved NYC! Secretly excited for Aden – I always loved Aden!

New trend: bringing the salon to you! We bring you the talented Shannon Kim! This darling will provide you with your beauty needs customized just for you. And she gives a mean BLOW OUT!

Whether you’re prepping for your wedding or just crave the comfort, privacy and ease of a treatment in your own home, Beauty Concierge can cover all of your beauty bases. Having worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, Shannon has aligned herself with many of L.A.’s top beauty professionals, including A-list hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians and estheticians, all of whom she can call on to cater to your every beauty-related whim.

Call 323.387.2170 or email for packages and pricing

The Row Sample Sale

May 20, 2010

Run… don’t walk! The t-shirts are like buttah!

This Social Gypsy’s been a busy bee with all the amazing new clients we have been blessed with. We love the process of watching someone’s brand grow and evolve. It’s just like telling a story. The colors, the fonts, the ideas and the pictures are all part of the discovery process. It’s a journey of creative exploration and inspired ideas. With that in mind, here’s some inspired logos we love. Never underestimate the power of a logo. It is the keys to the kingdom!