Happiness – we are all ANGELS

May 6, 2010

My best friend forwarded this to me this morning with the words: You are my angel. I felt compelled to share. Not only is she the ultimate Social Gypsy but she is the ultimate friend.


More on our discussion yesterday… I think you need to think about who you are and where you are.

HAPPINESS. Every morning wake up. Enjoy the morning. Write. Meet new people. Have new adventures. The more you do – the more blogs you read – the more people you meet – the more experiences you have… These are all are great tools for writing and living. Explore the internet. Travel. Read tons of book. Books are great for conversation and for opening us up. Good books. Not political books. Once you are on the path to happiness you will find that you have a common goal with TONS of people. Most people are trying to obtain it. You always say you have nothing in common with people. Why can’t it be on a philosophical level; on a positive level? The more positive you are the more people will want to be around you. Not fake positive. I mean REAL PURE positive energy from the deep of your soul. You only get that from loving yourself and making it your sole focus. Just like when I left the hole I was in at my last job. I focused on me, on happiness, on James, on people around me, on being a better person, on meditation and yoga. I focused on what I really wanted in life. Deep down I wanted to do something that I loved more than anything. I wanted James to be happy. I wanted us to be near the water. I knew that water would make us THRIVE.

Ask yourself – Why are you writing? Are you writing to make YOU happy? It shouldn’t be so hard. Most people in our society work until the day they die. PAY IT FORWARD. Do things for others. Charity. Be a friend. Be someone people look up to – by having that goal of being HAPPY. READ. Taoism. Buddhism. We get so lost in the bull sh$t and then we lose focus on what’s REALLY important. We only have ONE life to live. LIVE IT. Try and live it as best as you can. Everyday. Right now… I found happiness here in my little home in Venice with my husband and my work and my puppy and my friends and my coffee place and my fav stores and restaurants and the ocean. We are now making a change – a new adventure. There I will do the same thing. I will begin the same journey. OF COURSE nothing is perfect. Your going to have shi**y days. You’re going to feel down but I have to say if you literally look in the mirror and say fu%k you to the past and open your heart and soul up to a happy future – you will find that life is beautiful and you will find HAPPINESS. Mom will see you as more confident. You’ll figure out how to be EQUAL partners. I can find someone who you can talk to about THE FUTURE and about happiness NOT about what happened back then – staying mad or sad. I always bring up my past to you but REALLY I don’t think about it at all. I think of the good things and I move forward. I think of how much I love you and how amazing you are. Why do you think were so close?

Many of my friends tell me I’m an angel – even if it sounds stupid – I kinda believe it. I just need to focus on my powers. EVERYONE has powers. You have POWERS. We are all angels. We can all help others and bring happiness and love to this world. Take this and start thinking about YOU.

I LOVE YOU more than anything.


4 Responses to “Happiness – we are all ANGELS”

  1. Deb said

    Linds, thank you so very much for sharing the email you received from your best mate with all of us avid SOCIAL GYPSY readers…. The gal that wrote it sounds really lovely!! And you are most definitely an ANGEL!!! Lots of love, Baum D

  2. Laurie said

    That was beautiful and full wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

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