The 5Gyres – because the Ocean is the Soul of our Planet…

May 26, 2010

Last night we heard the 2 amazing pioneers behind the 5 Gyres speak – Marcus Erikson and Anna Cummins. They gave a presentation about the plastic in our oceans at an eco event put on by the brilliant, Juli Schulz! Both Marcus and Anna (who are now married- he proposed while on an expedition) are part of the The Algalita Marine Research Foundation. What are Gyres? Large systems of currents, coupled with wind and the earth’s rotation, create “GYRES”, massive, slow rotating whirlpools in which plastic trash can accumulate. Most people think there is only 1 Gyre off the Pacific. They are wrong – there are 5. These Gyres are destroying our oceans and our marine life. We were blown away by their passion, knowledge and mission to end plastic in the ocean.

Unfortunately Marcus and Anna don’t get the awareness they should. They built the plastic boat long before anyone! Anna and Marcus are raising money for 2 more expeditions this year! We have listed some KEY ways to get involved below. You can make a difference. Because if we don’t have our beautiful oceans what do we have?!

Ways to get involved:
1. Support Marcus and Anna. They have 2 more expeditions this year:
2. Inspire your company, community, school, and home to consider what they make and consume.
3. Know the lifecycle of what you buy- what happens to your products when you’re through with them? Shift some habits as you go along- commit to put your bags in the car, to not use plastic bottles, etc.
4. Support legislative efforts to manage waste in your local community- your voice must be heard!
5. BYOB: Bring your own bag, bottle, cup, To-Go Ware, and inspire others to do the same.
6. Be a leader in your industry and community for sustainable living. Knowing the impact of plastic pollution on the world, inaction is unacceptable.
7. Do a beach clean up. We are: For beach cleanups, sign up for the Surfrider West LA/Malibu Chapter site
8. Ban the BAG!!! Send a letter to congress. It WILL make a difference!


5 Responses to “The 5Gyres – because the Ocean is the Soul of our Planet…”

  1. You are walking the walk…or swimming the swim.
    Thank you for the illuminating post.

  2. shelly said

    The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico got me clicking on link, and I’ve been horrified ever since. I’m sorry to the earth that it took such a nightmare for me to dig my head out of the sand. I’m extremely aware now of all the plastic I use, I have never taken another plastic bag, or drank from another “recyclable” plastic drink bottle. Now I always carry my own. I started making my own laundry soap so I wouldn’t have to buy plastic packaging. I’ve never switched to body wash, and am so glad I never switched from the bar. Next I make my own dish soap, and source around for shampoo in a bar. I write to Obama and ask him to ban the plastic bag. I was thrilled to find out they already have in China. How ironic that China is way ahead of us here.

    Thank you for all you do, and keep up the excellent work.

  3. Lindsay,
    Thanks for spreading the word about our project! We’re honored, Social Gypsy is a fantastic site. Two friends emailed this link to us tonight – from San Francisco and Portland…your reach is far. Many thanks, and kudos for your work supporting the community. We’ll be following Social Gypsy.

    • Anna:

      It was so nice meeting you! Thank you again for enlightening us. Truly powerful what you guys are doing. I look forward to getting more involved and following your expeditions!

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