Summer Of Color

May 31, 2010

Summer of Color, the largest public art project in the U.S. is here and it is truly magnificient! 155 lifeguard towers up and down the coast have been painted – bringing public art to every lifeguard tower in Los Angeles County. The towers look amazing – bright murals of flowers, fish and pops of colors up and down the coast. Very Keith Herring inspired.

Portrait of Hope, which is based in Los Angeles, is the non-profit behind this genius. Summer of Color launched in May and be on display through October. If you haven’t seen it yet – get your ass to the beach for some color!


2 Responses to “Summer Of Color”

  1. hpc said

    For reals?? I love street art & I think Social Gypsy has the bomb taste & a constant finger on the pulse; but on this particular art project, I hate the new art on the towers.. I think it looks so tacky. The newly colored railings were killer; but now that they’ve added the flower power & fish stuff, it looks junky and takes away from the coast that was beautiful at simple.

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