Sacred Sphere’s by ECD

June 16, 2010

SACRED SPHERE Necklaces channeled exclusively by Etheric Consciousness Design (we blogged about these amazing healers back in January)!!!

To support you during the shift of consciousness that will occur after your ECD session. The Gypsy’s behind EDC can create personal SACRED SPHERE necklaces containing frequencies from the Earth, Ocean, and Rainbow Spectrums. These therapeutic gemstones enhance, harmonize and infuse the mind body and spirit with your personal connection to self.

ECD channels each individual’s support system in the form of spherical stones. These particular stones provide the necessary energetic connection to align YOU with your personal journey in relation to the planetary shift occurring at this time.

The rainbow spectrum feeds our aura.
The earth stones connect us to the planet,
the ocean stones connect us to Universal Consciousness.
The spherical shape of 360 degrees has the ability to infuse the healing frequency through your entire energetic field.

The necklaces are not only beautiful, they are unique to the wearer and have powerful medicinal properties. People and Pets benefit greatly from ECD SACRED SPHERE necklaces.

To get your own SACRED SPHERE email:


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