Hot for Summer: Missy O

June 25, 2010

After a recent trip to Missoni with some girlfriends to do some research for a project/client (wink wink) – we were reminded that this iconic brand can do NO wrong. Even the logo is perfection! Every single thing in this store is re-dunk. We thought we’d share some Missoni inspired ideas:

1. Make your own Missoni BEACH PILLOWS! Buy the towels and/or robes and have them made into pillows to create a colorful gypset inspired outdoor paradise. Or even yummy huge indoor floor pillows! We’re so doin it!

2. Purchase the Missoni NECKLACE for summer- beachy chic. Uber sexy with a bikini on. Wear it as a belt, too. It’s on sale now. When you purchase the necklace it comes with the most amazing little Missoni bag that could be your evening sack or a little keepsake in your purse with gypsy wishes (this gypsy is wishing for more Missoni).

3. Where there’s a will – there’s a way. The ultimate must have for summer – the sexiest pair of Missoni SHORTS on the planet. Side note: must do that Burn 60 class we have been putting off for months in order to actually fit into these….

4. Singing in the rain: duuudddee Missoni RAIN BOOTS. Look stylish in the rain or just around your house…


One Response to “Hot for Summer: Missy O”

  1. Judi said

    Those boots are SO cute!

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