Happy and Healthy Living

July 28, 2010

We have recently become very interested in the effects of diet on our every day well-being. We wanted to share a little bit of healthy tips from a dear friend who compiled them together for us. Most of this info is from a book called, The O2 Diet by Keri Glassman. Happy living!

Lemon water: start each day with 1 large glass of water with 1 oz of lemon juice (with no added sugar) – this is supposed to make you feel empowered and make better decisions throughout the day
Honey: has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that will keep your body healthy
Black tea: reduces stress
Blueberries: boosts memory, cognition and balance
Brazil nuts: increases levels of selenium – can reduce depression, anxiety or irritability
Cinnamon: can decrease fatigue and levels of frustration, and increase alertness (it may inhibit certain types of Alzheimer’s)
Cottage cheese: increases levels of tryptophan and increases relaxation
Leafy greens: helps your brain to “perform better/younger”
Nutmeg: decreases anxiety
Oatmeal: stress reducer and increases levels of serotonin
Oranges (and other types of vitamin C): helps blood pressure and cortisol levels return to normal after stressful events
Plums: may target free radicals that are linked to depression
Walnuts: keep your mind sharp
CoQ10, ginkgo biloba, DHA and vitamins C and E help you feel calmer and able to concentrate better.


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