Not okay… Tales from a Gaga concert.

August 13, 2010

If your 15 years old rocking a miss-mosh of party store sale items at your first Lady Gaga concert, we forgive you. In fact, we salute your generations complete lack of creativity, not to mention, identity. But lady, you’ve got a whole other thing coming to you if your pushing 40, wearing a red wig, a onesuit and some pleather (the worst invention known to man kind). Kate plus eight – your prozac isn’t working. This isn’t okay. Just cause Gaga’s wearing plastic doesn’t mean you can. Your not being cute, in fact, we’re thinking your being a bit creepy. You days of glory are long gone – just own it and take off the tutu. It’s offensive and we’re all just trying to have a good time here…


2 Responses to “Not okay… Tales from a Gaga concert.”

  1. John Demerzhian said

    You tell ’em girl!

  2. Jolie said

    You did not see that in public! Ouch….seriously, that is not a pretty site.

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