Joseph Mimi: Vintage Inspired Rings

September 29, 2010

Joseph Mimi is the latest bling obsession. Precious stones from India – all handcrafted with love in Los Angeles studios. While we love Decades and Resurrection, now you can get these Parisian vintage inspired antique gems for far less. Each one of kind ring is carefully hand crafted in their exclusive Los Angeles facility by passionate Joseph Mimi artisans. The company is based in Los Angeles and New York.


5 Responses to “Joseph Mimi: Vintage Inspired Rings”

  1. Carol said

    Congratulations Patty!

    You are off to a great start with your first designer ring! Can’t wait to see your line as it expands and we get to see your talent transformed into art that we can adorn ourselves with.

    Wishing you much success!

  2. Anil said

    m also waiting…to gift my girl friend

  3. Fan said

    Patty, Im so proud to see your dream/vision coming to fruition. For all the years I’ve know or been acquainted with you Im so glad to see your dreams coming through your jewelry line- Cant wait to see more and more and more!!!!!

  4. fan said

    Still watching (virtually) all the many successes of Joseph Mimi- Im so wow’d over the collection and wish Patty much success. Paris should know it has inspired a winner!

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