The Skinny

May 31, 2011

These are the most amazing healthy snack for those of us that need our carb and crispy crunch fix! The cinnamon is delish… Gluten free low carb.

Skinny Crisps – find em at Whole Foods


Did You Get The Memo?

May 31, 2011

Make sure to check us out on Pink Memo’s The Front Row… Social Gypsy is now a contributor for this site! Yes, this what we call self promotion… But we just LOVE this site and are thrilled to be writing for them…

Have teamed up to offer an inspiring collection of ruffles and sophisticated feminine looks. Love.

Some great Gypsy inspired finds about town…

She had rings on her fingers and bell on her shoes… Post 26, Brentwood Country Mart:

Chasing Rainbows: Collecting American Indian Trade & Camp Blankets

Belly Dancer Scarf… Venice Beach Shop and Gypsy Cafe’:

Pendleton Indian Blankets:

Collection of amazing surf books, Mollusk Surf Shop Venice Beach:

Lion Surfing:

So excited to be a part of this event tonight! The 13th Annual From Slavery to Freedom Gala is a celebration of resilience, freedom and hope, honoring those who have shown extraordinary leadership in protecting and empowering survivors of modern day slavery and creating social change that will put an end to this grave human rights violation. For more info:

Donate to abolish slavery:

Gypset Ready to Wear

May 10, 2011

The nomad (Julia Chaplin) behind Gyspet has launched a clothing line – Bazaar. We love the Sarongs (all made from African fabrics) and plan to rock them all summer as we travel the world or at least Venice Beach according to budgets…

Gypset Street Style

May 4, 2011


Winter Kate

Bandana Man