Venice 2.0

November 5, 2012

Channel your inner Gypsy and sashay your way over to up-and coming Lincoln Blvd. Like we said, Lincoln is about to become Venice’s newest hotspot, so before LA Weekly begins flap it’s editorial jaws, beat the crowds and use our SG roadmap to scoop out all of our favorite places…

The General Store: Our favorite place to snag unique home accessories and Native American-inspired jewelry

The Quest by Hayley Starr: We love exploring this treasure chest of Starr’s favorite art, fashion and beauty products

The Love Shack: When our legs get tired, we retreat to this cozy spot to relax in squishy bean bags while taking in the art

Deus Ex Machina: Find your dream motorcycle, nab a surfboard or sip an espresso in this eclectic shop

Whole Foods: With everything from a raw food stand to a vegan grill to a low-carb sushi bar, this outpost has been Venice-ified in the best of ways


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