3 She-Roes We’re Loving This Month

November 20, 2012

It’s the age-old, standby question that snakes its way around tables throughout America: “What are you thankful for?”…Our Answer: Women. Women who believe in their talents. Women who aren’t afraid to pursue their passions. Women who stay true to themselves and in doing so, affect change.

Here are 3 She-Roes who are inspiring us this month….

1. Jill Renee Goldman

From Africa to Brentwood, social activist, Jill Renee Goldman, won’t let anyone stop her from helping people in need. The Go Campaign has already provided assistance to nearly 30 thousand needy orphans and after last week’s successful gala, we can’t wait to watch Jill’s journey for justice continue through 2013.

2. Iris Apfel

What’s not to love about Iris Apfel? She’s frank, unabashedly speaks to her stuffed animals as if they were her girlfriends, and wears more necklaces around her neck than we have in our jewelry box. In her latest interview with Advanced Style’s Ari Seth Cohen, Apfel’s candor inspires us to grab our craziest getup and wear it with pride.


3. Grace Coddington

The spunky, fiery-haired Vogue editor may have rose to worldwide fame after the debut of The September Issue, but Ms. Coddington has been a chief influencer of the fasion industry for nearly 5 decades and she’s spilling all of the gory (we mean, Oxblood) details in her upcoming memoir, Grace.  Coddington possesses that rare, pure obsession with fashion (NOT celebrities) that we can get behind and we can’t wait to read her story. Bonus: She’s also featured in this month’s issue of I-D magainze (with fellow She-roe, Lena Dunham)


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