We are a pack of Global Nomads. We travel the world. We preserve nature. We claim the earth. We follow the sun. We adhere to the moon. We would rather plant a garden than buy new fur; save our oceans. We are transparent. We are fuel-efficient. We are simple. We want to see a change in the way our food is grown, our schools are run and our future is decided. We can work from anywhere. We will learn new ways. We will accept our past faults. We will see the world as it stands now but believe in the world as it stands tomorrow. We are a portal of pure. We are a lover of mankind. We are re-made, recycled and reused. We are 100% homegrown organic. We are AUTHENTIC – we are THE PRESENT – we are a MOVEMENT – we are taking back what was rightfully ours — We are the Social Gypsy!
Check us out: http://www.socialgypsy.com
For Social Gypsy Blog updates, check us out on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Social7Gyspy


7 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Azizah said

    I love this blog-thank you!

  2. maureen kenny said

    This blog is fantastic!

  3. Kimberly said

    Thank you so much for sharing JADEtribe on your very cool blog! Just wondering if you would please change the text from “Jade Tribe” to “JADEtribe” CAPS/lowercase! Thank you so much! Kimberly

  4. Lately I was exploring online and discovered your own website. I must state, this site is amazing. I will tell my local freinds straight away

  5. Mz gypzylife said

    found you by mistake.. or not. Amazing,Moving! Thank You For Sharing.

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